Binghamton University

transcript from PCACAC StriveScan 9/19/2021

Binghamton University is considered by many different publication rankings as the number one public university in New York, a flagship university as part of the State University of New York system or SUNY, which has 450,000 students

studying over 5000 different degree programs across 64 campuses. We are a top tier-one ranked research university. These are even as of this past week the newest US News and World Report released in the 2022 rankings we were 33rd of national public universities and the number one college in New York State.

Binghamton sits in the southern tier of upstate New York.  You have 14,000 undergraduate students and another 1300 graduate students here at Binghamton, and will enroll about a first year class about 2900 students. And one of the things that we pride ourselves on is that we have one of the highest first or second year retention rates in the country at over 90%, as you see the national averages in the 70s.  We generally have a consistent high-level academic performance student, as it shows here on 100 point scale, students entering in the mid to high 90s. We are standardized test optional for the 2022 year on as we were in 2021.

We have six schools in Binghamton. We are one university but we are very comprehensive in the type of schools that are offered: 1 arts and sciences, 2 community and public affairs, 3 nursing and health sciences, 4 management business, 5 engineering and applied sciences, as well as 6 pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences. One of the things we pride ourselves on is exploration value, so much so that you can get a bachelor’s and a master’s with over 50 different accelerated Fast Track programs, and a number of different pre-professional programs, no matter the major.

Exploration, it really is key here. You may have a passion for sustainability. We are number one in sustainability research based on the Association of advancement of sustainability in higher education.

Remember, we are a leader in sustainability, students who want to affect change in society in a positive way, positive change agent, but the other passion, right social justice. [Garbled] We’re a great value for no matter where you’re coming from across the world. There are instances where students who are coming from outside of New York State [find] a better value than students who are going to their own state flagship.

We do offer merit based scholarships. We do look at need as well. 

So we are a great value in a great return on investment, starting salaries for our graduates are higher than the national average almost seven to $8,000. We have great professional development. Over 2000 recruiters come to Binghamton to recruit  our students and our graduates throughout the year.

Facilities and opportunities outside the classroom: over 450 student-run clubs and organizations, 21 division one athletic teams, a number of different club sports for you 1,2,3 more sport athletes.

We have a number of different music and performances and theater performances annually; museums, art galleries and a number of different intramural sports as well as recreational facilities. We really do pride ourselves [on treating] you as a human, not just as a student. We are an inclusive campus, a welcoming campus. We value your health, and that can be not just physical but mental and emotional as well. We are a campus that values you as people [garbled]…. residential communities, a number of different venues, cafes  and trucks, special meal options, and even registered dietitians for those who may want to make changes to their diet or accommodations can be met here once again really time into that value, we value you as people we value for the experience that you’re having here, and the success you want to have after we do.

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