About Karen & Two Bridges

About Karen & Two Bridges

In working with students on their college application essays, Karen became interested in the processes students used to select the colleges on their lists. Realizing that many students overly rely upon what they’ve heard from others and seeing the outsized

Services Offered

Services Offered

Free half-hour consultation. If you aren’t sure you need the services of an independent college counselor (also called an independent educational consultant, or IEC), I can meet with you and your family to discuss how I might be of help. 



A free half-hour consultation is available upon request.  I like to work with my students in person; however, for safety during the pandemic, I use Zoom and phone, Google docs, and other methods to help you find and apply to

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Avoid Writing Trite

College admissions counselors find these topics most frequently addressed: admiration of a person, being on a sports team, and community service. That doesn’t mean you can’t write about Uncle John or your team’s hard-won victory or your week in El Salvador building houses. It does mean that your writing must be one-of-a-kind, something only you could write. Think about details that show the college who you really are.

Parent Testimony

We found this process to be extremely helpful and painless for us. I am a good writer and do it for a living, but I didn’t think my kids would be as responsive to my suggestions as they would be with an outsider. You have established credibility working with this age group, and that shows in how Philip has followed up on your recommendations. College and scholarship essays have so much riding on them that [your] working with Philip has made us all confident that his essays are the best they can be while still being his own product. And for sure the writing instruction you are giving him is useful beyond his college essays – his high school senior year, college and into the workforce.

Jerri Kamiker

Student Testimony

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Ms. Hott for encouraging, guiding, and improving my writing skills. I was happy to have her input and interpretation of how my writing would be perceived by colleges. We discussed my chosen topic, brainstormed how to approach it, and generated ideas on how to make my essay engaging. Collaborating with such a knowledgeable and detail-oriented coach really increased my confidence in my final paper. I was proud to submit it to several extremely competitive colleges.

~Lindsey Mountcastle, Class of 2018

What students have to say

Dear Ms. Hott, Thank you so much for your guidance throughout the admissions process. You were such a guiding light during the arduous process. I know you are going to help many more kids like me. . . . You are so amazing!

Emily S., Class of 2019

Two Bridges brought this mom and student into reality. I’m more aware now that college is going to be a huge financial investment and I'd better get prepared. Karen helped us determine which colleges would suit my child’s learning styles, abilities, and financial situation. She helped us choose colleges that would be the least financially burdensome and offer the greatest value. Not only did Two Bridges teach me the value of college but I believe my daughter has a more realistic vision of her future, how much it is going to cost, and what will be required of her to be successful.

Parent in Centreville, Md.


Thank you so much for all the wonderful work you did with A., Karen. It is an overwhelming, emotional process, and we were so grateful for your knowledge and guidance during this time. The college exploration and application process is a difficult time, for the teen and everyone else involved. We really appreciate all the advice and support your gave to A., how you helped guide her toward mapping out exactly what she did and didn't want in her college experience. Your support enabled her to become more confident and independent in her final application decisions.

Parent in Severna Park, Md.