Christopher Newport University transcript from Sept. 19, 2021 StriveScan

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Most popular is our Masters of Arts in Teaching program. We also offer a masters of environmental science, as well as computer science and physics, and our newest one is a masters of financial analysis. We are enjoying some really great teaching here.

Our professors are accomplished teacher-scholars, but they are also mentors to our students. We don’t have any teaching assistants anywhere on campus; you’ll always be taught by a professor here, and about 60% of our classes are 19 students or fewer. So, more than half of your classes will have less than 20 students and then 2%, ranging from about 50 to 99, without a class larger than that. We don’t have any large arenas classrooms with hundreds of students. You see we’re a really great place to learn. 

It’s a really exceptional place to live. Recently the Princeton Review ranked us Number 3 in their category “dorms like palaces” for public universities. We enjoy some really incredible residence halls, they are all suite style, and as an upperclassman you enjoy your own bedroom and your own bathroom so all the advantages of living on your own, but the convenience of being a few minutes from campus for your classes. 

So we do have a three-year residency requirement: you are required to live on campus through your junior year, but we’re seeing many students choose to live on campus that fourth year as well because the accommodations are so nice. While the residence halls are really nice, you definitely don’t want you to spend all your time in your room. 

We have over 200 clubs and organizations here, 24 varsity sports, we compete in one of the most competitive Division Three athletic programs in the country. CNU has DI Sailing. CNU typically enjoys each year the highest winning percentage out of any university in Virginia, public, private, D one two or three, so there’s a lot of school spirit here.

A little bit about our application process: we’re anticipating about 8000 applications for a freshman class of about 1200 and 1250. We are a selective institution and encourage students to apply as early as they’re able, either on the Common Application or the Coalition Application. Early Decision is great if you know without a doubt Christopher Newport is your top choice school. It is a binding commitment. Early action is encouraged if you’re very interested but want to weigh out other offers, financial aid or scholarship packages.

Regular decision is also nonbinding, but it does tend to be our most competitive applicant pool. And so if you are looking for a nonbinding plan, it is traditionally easier to be more competitive for admission as an early action applicant, as opposed a regular decision. 

Generally what we’re looking for is a student that’s taking a rigorous college prep curriculum, maintaining mostly A’s and B’s. We also take a look at grade trends so an upward trend in grades is helpful if you had a particularly challenging semester somewhere. We are test optional, not only for admission but also scholarship consideration. Other factors we take a look at your essay, your involvement, and ?? optional components.

Christopher Newport: “Dorms like palaces”