Ready to lose the “best kept secret” status

Feb. 28, 2024

Queens University of Charlotte wants to change its “best kept secret” status and introduce the world to what President Daniel Lugo called “this amazing and dynamic place” nestled in the upscale neighborhood of Myers Park.

Queens combines the reach of a university with the intimacy of a small liberal arts college just a few minutes from up-and-coming downtown Charlotte, North Carolina. The proximity to the city and the relatively few students in the area mean that Queens Royals have their pick of internships in banking, healthcare, and other industries.

Not to be served, but to serve.

“Not to be served, but to serve.” I was impressed with the way this motto infused the administration and admissions speakers, who are passionate about serving the 1300 undergraduate Royals who attend this hidden gem. The school is growing with “intentionality and purpose” so students have a “truly transformative education,” as Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Sarah Fatherly told the 40 HECA counselors on Feb. 28, 2024. “We communicate why we do what we do,” so that your general education courses make sense to you and aren’t just boxes to check off.

Multidisciplinary, cross-disciplinary thinking

The Queens Path runs through multidisciplinary avenues. They encourage cross-disciplinary ways of thinking, something that’s hard to achieve in universities that have their departments siloed. This makes for intellectual agility, but that’s only part of the Queens Path, which is:

  • honorably connected
  • intellectually agile
  • civically engaged
  • professionally prepared
  • globally informed

Civic engagement

Civic engagement is woven into courses so that both the student and the recipient of service benefit. Dr. Fatherly recounted how biology students helped a raptor rehabilitation center identify birds’ causes of death because Queens had the lab facilities the center lacked. The curriculum opens pathways to Charlotte; indeed, students must take two for-credit internships after taking a career-preparation course. Study abroad options can be immersive, such as a semester or internship abroad, or course-based, like the professor-led short-term trips.

Division I

Approximately 50% of the students are athletes, who compete in the Division I ASUN Conference. Both men and women play rugby and participate in triathlon, though these sports are not recognized by the NCAA. Men’s and women’s basketball are popular with spectators. There’s no football team, but lacrosse, golf, tennis, and volleyball teams play at the DI level.

Applying to Queens University of Charlotte

If you apply to Queens, go for the Early Action round for priority consideration and the best chance for financial aid. Even B students can get some merit aid, and Queens is permanently test-optional. You apply to Queens, not a major, except for nursing, which takes about 50 nursing students per cohort. Nursing does require the SAT or ACT. The program is in the process of getting accreditation. 

Everyone takes a first-year transition class where they will be exposed to exploratory activities and metacognition, thinking about how they think and learn. This student-centered liberal arts school balances challenges with support. Queens welcomes students with learning differences.

If you’re looking for computer science or you want to be anonymous in the classroom, Queens isn’t for you. But if you have a variety of interests and you’re not sure how to put them together, if you’re looking for some structure to combine your interests, Queens University of Charlotte could be the place for you.

Queens University of Charlotte a hidden gem