This year more and more schools went test optional, at least for the class of 2021. With so many SAT and ACT tests getting canceled and with so few seats available in upcoming administrations, students haven’t had access to the tests. Some haven’t had even fr one shot, let alone three or more to get the highest super score possible. Colleges understand that this year’s applicants haven’t been able to test and retest

However. . .

If you’re applying to a school that still requires it (like the military academies or Florida state university system), or

if you suspect your test scores will show you’re smarter than your grades indicate, and

if you can find a testing location that is close to home (please don’t drive two hours to get there)~

Then you should take the SAT or ACT. Otherwise, chill.

This is from UVA regarding what “test optional” means:

What Does Test Optional Mean at #UVA?

I shared that UVA has gone test optional for Fall 2021 applicants in the beginning of June. The feedback to my accompanying posts on Twitter and Instagram was positive then. We had a nice q&a session on Instagram, too. 

Recently, there’s been a resurgence of questions about what test optional means as exams have been cancelled. I see people on social media talking about traveling hours to take the SAT or ACT, perhaps because they listening to inexpert voices on what test optional means. A lot of people are worried that admission officers will penalize students who don’t submit testing. They have decided that we’ll assume a student is withholding a poor score if one isn’t submitted. 

Full stop. 

This is a year unlike any other. We have watched along with you as tests have been cancelled. If an application doesn’t have testing, the assumption will be that you did not have access to testing. If you have a score and you think it will help your application, feel free to self-report it on your application. If you don’t, move on to editing those essays and juggling all the other things that come with being a senior. 

Optional means optional.  

Should seniors take SAT/ACT?