Did you apply early and get deferred? If you applied early action or early decision to your top-choice college, you hoped that your future–at least the fall of 2019–would be clear. But at most schools, the majority of early applicants get deferred to the regular decision pool. That isn’t a bad sign; it usually means that the school wants to know more about you. If your SAT or ACT scores didn’t reflect your best, consider retaking a test. If your transcript has been spotty, send the school your senior fall grades to show that you’ve stayed on a positive trend.

Find out if you will be allowed to speak to an admissions counselor to ask how you can improve your chances in the regular pool. When you call or visit, don’t be angry or defensive; remain positive, polite, and the picture of a person who is mature enough to handle college.

Remember that when one door closes, another one opens. Waiting in the hallway is hard, but you won’t be stuck there forever.

Early Action/Early Decision Dreams Deferred?