Community, diversity, equality, excellence, integrity, justice, and stewardship

Quaker values permeate Guilford College: community, diversity, equality, excellence, integrity, justice, and stewardship. In discussion-based classes that average 13, students and teachers address each other by first name, emphasizing that all are equal.

Guilford, a member of Colleges That Change Lives, was a stop on the Underground Railroad. They are generous with aid and reward service with the Bonners Leadership Program. Tuition is frozen over four years.

Only school of 9 to address Palestine-Israel conflict

In the library and on bulletin boards, Guilford posted a cross-cultural event, an upcoming “education panel” of Palestine & Israel with faculty from Davidson, Queens, Elon, and UNC Greensboro. Of the nine colleges we HECA counselors visited “Cruising the Carolinas,” only Guilford promoted such an event.

Wraparound advising keeps students from falling through the cracks. Everyone has a CAPE adviser, a major adviser, a faculty adviser, and an upperclassman adviser. CAPE stands for Career, Academic, and Personal Exploration. Guilford cares for whole-person development.

The facilities were historic and well-maintained but modest. The art department boasted the most interesting feature: a giant wood-fired kiln for pottery. Outside, art dotted the lawn. I think this upside-down tree stump was either an artistic statement or a joke in response to the question “What do you do with a tree cut down on your campus?”

On the walking tour, we encountered a circle of large, flat boulders laid out like stepping stones you could jump from one to another. The tour guide told us that Quakers don’t believe in statues, and so they place stones to honor people. No names accompanied the installation, but it did seem to have a greater purpose.

If you’re looking for acceptance, discussion, and tolerance, Guilford College could be the place for you.

Quaker values permeate Guilford College