Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia, just outside Atlanta, provides women with a nurturing and challenging environment within their core curriculum. The students who spoke to the counselors from IECA all said they chose Agnes Scott on its merits, and it just happened to be a women’s college.

The Agnes Scott curriculum covers four areas: leadership development, global learning, digital citizenship, and an advising model that follows students through all four years. Leadership is a concentration that many women add to their majors, minors, or dual majors. Digital citizenship involves creating an integrated digital portfolio that can be presented to employers. As part of the global learning piece, 100 percent of first-years go on a weeklong journey abroad with a faculty mentor; cost is included in the tuition. Advising begins the summer before students matriculate and continues through graduation from Agnes Scott.

The dorm rooms for seniors have to be some of the largest available on any campus, and all the facilities are gorgeous.

The student ambassador’s actual room!
Women thrive at Agnes Scott