Tips for Writing the College Application Essay
computerYour essay isn’t everything, but it can move your application from the “maybe” to the “yes” pile. It can also move you from a “maybe” to a “no.” If an essay is part of the application, it needs to be strong, engaging, and error-free.

Strong: College application readers want to hear your authentic voice. They like to see your personality and your passions.

Engaging: The narrative works well for an application essay. Tell a story. Don’t just say that you are industrious, show this trait of yours through anecdotal evidence. Grab your readers at the start and keep their attention.

Error-Free: Proofread, proofread, proofread. Read your essay aloud. Does it sound like you? Get someone who knows you well to tell you. Is it flawless? Spell check, of course, but ask someone who really knows grammar and usage to read your essay before you hit “submit.”

Writing the Essay