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The E.A. Fernandez IDEA Factory at the University of Maryland’s School of Engineering will be, according to senior systems engineer Nick Bentley, “a multidisciplinary powerhouse for entrepreneurship and innovation across campus.” Nick was a student of mine when I was a newspaper adviser, and it’s so exciting to see his contributions to a building that will serve students I’ve worked with this year. I can’t wait to get my personal tour and to see the great facilities my Clark School of Engineering students will be able to access.

This year I worked with three students who applied to the limited enrollment program (LEP) in engineering at UMD. All three got direct admit to Clark. Two of those were invited to the Scholars Program and one to the Honors College. One Scholar and the Honors student ultimately committed to UMD. The third decided to go to Case Western Reserve University. UMD is selective, accepting less than 50 percent of applicants. Of those who apply to the LEP, only 30 percent get direct admit, and the selectivity goes up even further for Scholars and Honors.

Sometimes it’s hard to see the greatness in your own backyard. The University of Maryland is a national gem and a good value for Maryland students.

UMD opens Fernandez IDEA Factory